Is Lords of the Fallen open world?

2 Answers

  • By definition it IS open world. You can go any place at any time although the world design is linear like Dark Souls or Darksiders as opposed to sprawling worlds in things like Skyrim or GTA. I agree with Greg that Lords of the Fallen is no where near as good as Dark Souls, However I disagree that that makes it a bad game. I had a good amount of fun playing it, to completely disregard this game as a Souls clone would be a mistake.

  • No. It is very linear game with free to roam places, occasionally. Also, that game is beyond horrible. If you like Demon/Dark Souls series and Darksiders series and think this will be similar, then think again. So many people compared the game to those franchises, which I love, and I was so disappointed. The camera angle, clunky controls, and the react time not being synced made this game unbearable to play. To answer your question, no. LOL. Sorry for the rant.

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