is my dog ok he ate a bluebarry muffin?

will i was talking to my mom i put him down & he snuck away and haly of it ):

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  • The fur ball will be just fine. I bet he will do it again.

  • Hello everyone. Did your dog eat a blueberry muffin? I wouldnt worry if he were my dog. In fact I give my dog a blueberry muffin every day and he loves it. Near me they have a coffee shop that sells a coffee with a muffin for a dollar. What I do is break the muffin into pieces and hide them around my house and let me dog use his nose and have him hunt down his favourite treat. Weve been doing this for years and I won't stop cause he loves it and its a fun game that stimulates his mind. so dont worry muffin *which is cake* is not poisonous. Dogs became mans best friend because we would feed them our food so treat your dog to some good food . Preferably a raw diet. But dogs live for food exercise and affection so go ahead and spoil em. And remember kibble food has been around for about 50 years or so but before that all dogs ate our food and we would cook for them. Good luck and hope he enjoyed the muffin 🙂

  • He is just fine. The only thing that may cause an issue is if he happens to be allergic to blueberries or some other ingredient in the muffins.

  • He is probably fine unless there is something wrong in the muffin or if your dog is allergic to anything in the muffin....which is highly unlikely

  • I wouldn't recommend the muffin a day plan, but a blueberry muffin won't hurt him. Might give him a little diarrhea, though.

  • Nothing in the average blueberry muffin bad for dogs... not the healthiest choice of snack, lol, but no more harmful to him than it is to you.

  • The muffin won't hurt your dog a bit.

  • Don't worry about your dog, he should be fine.

  • LOL he will be fine.

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