Is my teacher attracted to me?

He’s older but I find him attractive(I prefer older men over my immature peers)but I wouldnt sleep with him. I’m 16 and he’s my current teacher. When he’s teaching class he always tries to avoid eye contact but when he accidentally looks at me he loses his train of thought and stares and starts to stammer. There was one time he looked at me and stammered badly and a couple kids looked back at me(I sit in the back). When we have work time, he always stares at me when he thinks I’m not paying attention to him and when I have a question after class he always stammers when talking to me. I’ve literally caught him staring at my *** a couple of times. When I bite my lip he can’t help but stare. He only stammers and gets nervous around me. In the hallways he’ll be staring at me and then when I look he looks away and continues walking and stares at the ground and avoids eye contact. I think he might know I like him too as I sneak glances at him and sometimes smile. He’s also a pretty strict teacher, and many students hate him, but when I was talking to him about missing assignments I got a little angry and distressed and instead of being rude he tries to comfort me and calm me down and his eyes seem so caring. My question is, does he like me? I’m not imagining this I’m actually very oblivious when someone likes me. Many people think I’m attractive but I have such low self esteem that I don’t get it. I’m not planning on sleeping with him, I just am curious on what you guys think.

2 Answers

  • Yes

  • Yes it sounds like he is but I seriously doubt he would ever act on his feelings. He would be risking everything if he did. Wait till your 18 to pursue older men.

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