Is Nosteam or Nonsteam games are safe ?

Just Wondering .

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  • You mean pirated versions of Steam games? There's always the possibility of them being infected or something since you're downloading them from an unofficial source that isn't technically legal.

  • It's completely safe if you get the game off of a disk and just don't install it through Steam, especially if it is an official disk. It is less safe, however, to download pirated games though, because anybody can upload them. It is often illegal too (never confirmed, but in my view of the law, it is only illegal for the uploader, not the downloader. Thats what I think regarding the laws on this, and I think it would stand.) I have never had a problem with any torrents personally.

  • I personally have pirated all my games and I have never gotten malicious viruses on my computer. As long as you get the games from a trusted pirating websites such as or you should be fine. I recommend using but provides pirated games, movies, books and more. But when you download something from read the comments and make sure there are no viruses but in most if not all cases there are no viruses.

  • Holy **** all these people anwsering who don't know about the website. Its a 100% safe site, I use it constantly to get new games, just make sure you have adblock cause popups are everywhere

  • Nosteam Virus

  • Personally speaking, i dont think it is too safe because a little over a year ago, i got Life is Strange from nosteam and like a few days or a week later. i get this letter from the mail telling me to stop downloading games off of there or i will be fined and or arrested. I still believe it is safe, but i'm not taking another chance with that if i may be so bold.

  • I think it is safe since I have eset smart security 7 and doesn't finds viruses, warms, spywares or malwares

  • Just wondering eh?

    There's no SURER way of downloading viruses, malware,

    and God only knows what other 'unwelcome' little surprises - at the same time!!

    All this potential risk to save a few $$.

  • Well Its illegal for the up-loader and down-loader so if you ip get track you probably get the FBI or to be nice your local police it agents.

  • yes do it all the time new games all the time and i save money

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