Is old Kmart stock worth anything?

My mom retired from Kmart in 1995 and she still has about 30 shares of Kmart stock. I understand Kmart merged with Sears several years ago. Should she just throw them away or are they worth anything?


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  • Kmart stock will long serve as a warning to investors.

    Kmart shares are worthless. Kmart, the store, exists today and is part of Sears Holdings (SHLD), the same company that owns Sears. But Kmart, the stock, is a different story.

    The Kmarts in filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2002. Alleged fraud by the management team at the time, along with poor business decisions, forced the company to crumble.

    Owners who held on to the common stock, which your mother apparently did, were essentially wiped out. Shares of the old Kmart, which traded under the ticker symbol KM, expired with no value on May 6, 2003.

    What makes this so hard for Kmart shareholders to digest, is that the company exists today and is part of Sears Holdings. Sears Holdings’ shares have done rather well, largely due to the sale of much of Kmart’s real estate.

    Assets were purchased by a new owner in the bankruptcy process; they no longer belong to original Kmart shareholders.

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  • Sadly as everyone mentioned since Kmart went bankrupt the shares are worth nothing.

  • Maybe someday this company will do good business it steps into the 21 century and get out of the dark ages of brick and mortar and sell things in the store people actually like to buy and they will be back like they are again. They should treat it’s workers like they need humans and not over work them either.

  • Nope, not worth a dime as Sears bought them when they were in bankruptcy. However, the actual paper stock may hold some value in a collectors eye. I wouldn’t throw them away, they could be worth several hundred dollars in 20 years.

  • It depends..

  • Don’t throw them awat until you check. Even if they aren’t very valuable now, they might be in the future. At least talk to someone who knows.

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