Is online shopping available in Peru?

I am a US citizen. I know I can order items online and have them shipped to Peru from the US, but it’s very expensive. I was wondering if they have any online stores available like Amazon or a department store that ships from within Peru (or perhaps at least within South America). Basically, I want to avoid paying huge shipping fees.

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  • I have good and bad news for you, the good news is, Yes there are some online websites to buy from within Peru and South America. The bad news is, most of the products you will find in these websites, are very limited, overpriced, and the original brands imported from the US or Europe will be used most of the time, it is very hard to find good electronics brand new. And I totally agree with you, I’ve been trying to buy online products from Ebay, and get it sent to Peru from the U.S, but the shipping is so damn expensive, I was trying to buy a PS2 game that I could not find in, the game costed 15$ and the shipping 24$, lol right. But anyways here are the links. (Peru) (Mexico) (Argentina) (Venezuela) (Peru) One suggestion, I don’t know what kind of products you’re interested in, but you can find some cheap products in many comercial centers in Lima, bootlegs and cheap clothing, I know a few places, most people I know from these online stores, buy their products from these comercial centers and sell them online, overpriced of course.

    Anyway good luck.

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