Is Orbit gum vegan…?

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  • The Wrigley Company has confirmed that there are no ingredients of animal origin used in the following list of products: Orbit, Orbit White, Wrigley's Extra, Airwaves, Winterfresh, Freedent, Wrigley's Spearmint, Doublemint, Juicy Fruit.

  • There seems to be numerous controversy about the vegan-ness of gum. Studying labels doesn't aid a whole lot in view that they all comprise "gum base" which can come from veggie or non-veggie sources. Your satisfactory bet is to electronic mail (or higher yet name) the manufacturer of the gum you adore and ask them directly. I think that Hubba Bubba is vegan, however that is the one one the find out about in particular. (My children like it. ;-P )

  • It should be if:

    Either 1 and/or 2 are met:

    1) There is no glycerin in the gum (or the particular type of Orbit gum);


    2) If there is glycerin in the gum (or the particular type of Orbit gum); the particular type of glycerin is purely *vegetable glycerin;


    3) If there is sugar in the gum (or the particular type of Orbit gum), that sugar is not process with animal bones or other products.


    4) there are no other animal products or by-products in the gum (or that particular type of Orbit gum).

  • Whether it is or isn't it's got ASPARTAME in it which is bloody lethal stuff. I would advise staying away from it.

  • It's not halal.


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