Is overly attractive bad or good?

I’m male, in my early 20’s. First off, I’m not saying that I look overly attractive. But I’m talking about in general. Or it could happen to anyone. But it happens that I’m one of them (I’m not boasting, I promise). People looked at me like they felt distracted everytime they see me. They touch their face, they cover their mouths, They’re touching their hair or tying their hair. It’s weird to hear it but it’s true. I wanna know if that happened to somebody other than me. I feel wierded out, really. And it’s very contagious.

1 Answer

  • Good if you’re trying to get a job.

    Bad, if you’re trying to get a girlfriend, because other girls WANT YOU TOO!

    Zac Efron, is he married, yet?

    Brad Pitt, is he married & divorced – AGAIN?

    Johnny Depp, he married a 26 years old model, Google search him now, and find out the result of that marriage.

    Being attractive is just a PLUS, but it’s all in your personality, intelligent, and how you respect women. It’s the total package!

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