Is pasteurized milk ok for someone who has lactose intolerance?

I just found out I’m lactose intolerant and I got this “vegan” cheese for the store but then I looked at the ingredients and it says it has pasteurized milk and I’m wondering is that ok to have? I’ve looked all over the internet and I can’t seem to get a straight forward answer without having to read a whole 2-3 article. If you’re an expert or if you know for sure, is it ok to have? Or is it just safe to not eat it period?

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  • It’s not vegan if it has milk in, duh

  • Pasteurization quickly heats the milk in an airtight container, destroying any potential bacteria or microbes which may have been present on the cow’s udder, as well as the naturally occurring bacterial cultures which cause whole milk to form cheese. (Pasteurized cheese has a fermenting culture added back in after the milk cools) Almost all milk you can get in a jug at a supermarket is pasteurized.

    Lactose is a sugar molecule found in milk. A little heat will not destroy it. Pasteurized milk still has plenty of lactose.

  • you don’t need dairy or any other animal product to be healthy. you can get everything you need from plants. just go vegan and stick to a whole food, plant-based diet and you’ll have even better health

  • being lactose intolerant has nothing to do with pasteurized or unpasteurized milk…it has to do with being intolerant to the natural lactose(milk sugar) in milk.

    Vegan cheese does NOT have pasteurized cows milk in it…then it wouldn’t be vegan as vegans don’t eat real dairy products.

    You can either take a product called Lactaid which replaces the enzyme you are missing or you can find lactose free milk and cheeses made by Lactaid in the dairy section…Yogurt is naturally almost completely lactose free.

  • Anything containing milk is not vegan!

    If you are lactose intolerant, I’d suggest you do the obvious thing and stop consuming milk or anything containing it. The clue’s in the words – “pasteurised MILK”.

    I believe it is possible to obtain lactose-free milk.

  • No, it’s not ok, if you’re lactose intolerant. You don’t have to give up milk. There is a lactose-free milk available. One is Lactaid….but several companies are making it now. Check your supermarket shelves.

    But if anything contains milk, its not vegan.

  • Lactose intolerance is a joke as is vegan , and vegans cannot have any milk products unless they lay beside the calf drinking from its mum and catch the bits that drip from the side of the calves mouth

  • No, it is still milk.

  • No, You need lactose free milk.

  • Just stop drinking milk. It’s horrible “food” – and your body doesn’t need it. It’s high sugar without that much calcium. Nobody’s body needs it. It isn’t tolerated well by many people – not just the people with lactose intolerance.

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