Is Pastor David Paul a fraud? He pastors at Spiritual Life Fellowship?

He sent me a letter one day saying God had called him to be my Spiritual Watchman.And then sent me letters detailing prophetic events,visions God had given to him concerning me.He addressed me personally in each letter and asked a few questions here and there.Most letters he would encourage me to be obedient to God and send some money to him.The letters kept coming.He would say things like ‘before the year is out you will experience a turnaround’ OR ‘you will experience a visitation in the first 3 months of the year.

Anyway I have just recently discovered that he has been sending the same letters and cds to other people on his mailing list.The letters are identical apart from the names of the persons he is addressing.I have given so much money to this man,really looked up to him as he preaches a great sermon and has the gifts of healing flowing..He is mass producing prophetic letters to anyone that will send him their personal details.I feel used and want to know how I can go about reporting this as many people are receiving letters from him, this dude is making truckloads of money out of people who are vulnerable and need help..He told 2 people that I know that an attack was coming to the area where they lived.Both were instructed to order ‘anointing packages’ and to sow a seed which would release God’s protection.

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  • When I find out that every one on his mailing list get the same letters I was so hurt.

    Do this man fear God? How can every one have the same problem?

    The letters are stated that it can fit every body proplems I was told this what was going

    on but did not listen, and when he have meeting the first thing he ask for is $300.00

    dollars or more if you want special attention.

    Lord have mercy of him and his family.

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    Is Pastor David Paul a fraud? He pastors at Spiritual Life Fellowship?

    He sent me a letter one day saying God had called him to be my Spiritual Watchman.And then sent me letters detailing prophetic events,visions God had given to him concerning me.He addressed me personally in each letter and asked a few questions here and there.Most letters he would encourage me to…

  • I first encountered his ministry as a teenager back over approx 30 years ago, I have attended his meetings whenever he comes to town. He does push for financially sowing, but it is not a pay for prophecy. He called me out of a group of about 500 people and knew not only my name but also the details I was going through as a Senior Pastor that my wife and I had not told anyone. It was spot on. Yes he does send those same letters to everyone, I don’t like that, but he is truly a messenger of God. “Bring not an accusation against an elder without 2 or 3 witnesses.” Accountability among leadership is important and so is honoring those God sends and anoints. God bless.

  • I agree with you all about David Paul , but I really like his preaching. I remember when he came to Phoenix, me and a friend went. We didn’t have but $5 each and he did not want that. He wanted $20 and up or you did not receive ‘a word.’ I do not believe that God tells these preachers to ask for money; that is not in the Bible. I have a firm rule about church and preachers, its like eating fried cнιcκen, you take the meat and throw away the bone. His preaching is right on target. I just throw away his letters but listen to the radio broadcast.

  • He send me the same letters, and packages for two years straight, and I prayed about it, My father who was a pastor years ago, called me and said God told him to tell me to not give all my money to the preacher man. You cant put a price on Gods work… Pastor David Paul would also come to Greensboro and Winston Salem area to preach, and I realized that he was setting it up to make it seem as if the people that he had a word for , were his first time encountering them. I listened to his radio services and there was a women in church he went to that sound the same. Example: He would say, I see this or that in your life and then he would say, I hear the name Mack, and the lady would say, that’s me, the same exact way, at ever service with a different name, but the same voice of the women I heard on the radio many times and in person…I think he hires actors….. This is witchcraft. and I pray in agreement with you about this fraud because I was deceived also. this is a real wolf in sheep’s clothing… Jesus, Please help your people….search our hearts, don’t let use be manipulated…KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!! DONT GIVE UP ON GOD AND THE BODY OF CHRIST!

  • Pastor Paul is NOT a fraud. I have known him for over 22 years and I can truly say that he loves

    God and whatever God gives him as a prophetic word is truly from God and not from himself. Everything that he has prophesied over me has come true. He has all the qualifications to be a true prophet. He is God chosen.

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    I don’t know that there are any laws that protect a person from unscrupulous religious people. This same type of fraud, has been going on for centuries. Use it as a lesson and never send money to religious group before you check them out, thoroughly.

  • Yeah… and another thing that just gets me is the Bible!!! God has sent the same prophetic promises and messages to every single person, yet how is it possible that every single person could possibly have the same problems!!! This makes me think that G-d and pastor David Paul are in “cahoots” with each other and trying to pull the wool over our eyes!! Imagine that!!! David Paul is doing essentially the same exact thing that G-d does in His Bible!!! And the poor widowed woman who gave the last of her money to the temple… you mean G-d found that acceptable??? Jesus didn’t rush over to stop her??? And the woman with her son during the days of Elijah who was preparing to make their last meal before dying… the prophet of God had the audacity to ask her to make a meal for him too??? WOW!!! God works like that??? Yes, apparently He surely does.

  • Pastor Paul is not a fraud! I have you tried to write or call him to discuss the matter? Instead of posting your message on the internet…hmmm !

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  1. My son was healed from Weeping Ecsema after 13 years of suffering and being called names from school mates. His eyelashes fell out and couldn’t walk because his skin would crack and ooze. Say what you will but God will see that you are repaid for attacking David Paul. Read the Bible.

  2. I attended several of his crusades in the 1990s and each time he called me out moving in the gifts of the spirit
    I am always truly touched by his preaching .
    For as the letters being the same for everybody I never paid
    It much attention .
    There’s a lot of people that have to be ministered to and that might just be the way that his administration is advicing him to handle it.

  3. Pastor Paul is not a fraud. I thank God for him and his ministry; when I was ready to commit suicide God brought him across my path and spoke life and God used him to get me out of darkness unto His (GOD) marvelous light. He may send the same letters to a lot of people including myself, but I take that in faith and receive it. I also thank God for Pastor Paul to teach me how to give and receive, it takes a lot of money to do what he does. He does not push you to give but simply ask you to be faithful in your giving. It is up to you/us to give or not. Do what your heart tells you and stop bashing this man of God. God will bless those who bless him and curse those who curses him. God bless you man of God. Like you always say “Jesus loves you and I do too).

  4. No! David Paul (wife Rhonda) are NOT fake!!! I’ve been to many of his crusades since 1981. He is a true man of God. I speak absolutely the truth.

  5. I will attest to the powerful validity of his ministry and integrity… He is not a fraud ,
    I met him at a crusade back 15 years ago… I followed him to a few across the country… he recognized me and allowed me to work with the ministry to the point where I met him in the back before every service…. I was at the time studying to pastor at World Harvest Bible college under Pastor Rod Parsley… he seen the anointing on my life and became personally vested in my development as a man of God… he gave me a personal number to reach him on & set up a appointment to fly in my hometown and meet me to have coffee and to just to hear my heart on my vision to pastor a church…
    The man is the absolute truth… he is the most sensitive in the administration and operation of the gifts of the spirit than any man of God I ever met ( he also prophesied to me bout my whole life).
    And trust in mega ministry I have met most you see on TV ( Bishop Jakes, Rod Parsley, Benny Hinn , Creflo Dollar ) Pastor David Paul is a powerful prophetic man of God who prays what to put in letters that God speaks to his heart to put , then as he does that God directs him to put in those letters what the vast majority of people are going through.. he would never get another thing done in life if he sat down and wrote a letter to everyone in his data base of 250,000 people ( go figure that out) so he sends them and they touch plenty of people that are going through just what that letter says at the same time.
    He is and has been as authentic as you can ask for in ministry… please pray and support the ministry as God leads you other than that word says “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”…
    Any questions contact me at [email protected]

  6. There wasn’t a biggest doubting Thomas as Myself. I didn’t believe or trust Pastor’s claiming to have “Gift of Prophecy” I did like his sermons on the radio and so did my Sister in Law Brenda so she invited me to go with her to hear Pastor Paul in Louisville Ky in 2011. His sermon was on Point & the most powerful message that I ever heard “No More Crumbs” I was in a very controlling mental & verbally abusive marriage at the time. I was never the same after that & since became strong enough to leave. That same night after his message he started the Prophesying and I was ready to walk out but Brenda asked me to stay. As he was finishing he asked everyone to hold hands and was in the process of giving the Benediction when he suddenly STOPPED apologized to everyone and said that he had to be obedient to God. He looked around and stopped over our way and said is there a BRENDA? A surge of energy flowed through my hand and I immediately let go of Brenda’s hand & he started Prophesying over Brenda. As we was leaving Brenda told me that you know that was more for You than it was for Me. Because I was a doubting Thomas but I’m a Believer in Pastor Paul and I must say that everything that he spoke over Brenda has come true. Be very careful putting your Mouth on anyone of God!

  7. Everything works by faith, the minute you connect and dare to believe God you will see great things , I have followed him for over 20 years I have grown and matured in the faith and learned to discern the anointing. Remember everything works by faith if you dare to believe. Believe on the Lord and His prophets and you shall prosper,
    Also He uses money to preach on radio and rent facilities for crusades,


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