is patrick dempsey jewish?

3 Answers

  • Dempsey is Irish American, was born in Lewiston, Maine and grew up in Turner, Maine, the youngest of three children born to Amanda and William Dempsey, an insurance agent. Dempsey attended St. Dominic Regional High School for his senior year, where his mother worked as a secretary, but dropped out before he graduated. He was an adept juggler, tying for second in a national juggling competition.

    Dempsey also spent some of his school years in the town of Buckfield, Maine, where he attended Buckfield High School in the Maine School Administrative District (MSAD) #39 for his freshman through junior years. His mother was secretary to the high school principal there and still resides in the area.

  • Is Patrick Dempsey Jewish

  • No. He is Irish. In fact the name, Patrick Dempsey is probably the most Irish name I have ever heard, and I’m from Ireland.

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