Is poly cotton biodegradable?

Is the blend of polyester and cotton fibers biodegradable? Also can polyester cotton be recycled/reused? Please help!

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  • Cotton degrades faster than polyester. Fabrics can be reused as well as recycled. Reuse is often less wasteful than recycling.

    A few re-uses for cotton polly fabric:

    Cut into strips and braided to make a rug.


    Nice bits of old sheets can make good napkins and/or place-mats

    Work rags


    An interesting experiment that will demonstrate to you how much poly is in your fabric and how much more durable it is in terms of not degrading is to take a small square, perhaps one inch by one inch, put it into a jar with a cup of chlorine bleach, and let it sit for a week or two. The bleach will eat away the cotton and leave a perfect mesh of the poly. It’s a great experiment for the classroom as you can use different fabrics and compare results.

  • Cotton is biodegradable but polyester less so, so a poly cotton blend would take a long time to decompose

    Check out this study at…

    The good news is that these fabrics can be reused or recycled. You can find some good information here at

    Hope this is helpful

  • polycotton are biodegradable cotton part only artificial cotton cant

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