Is powdered cooked chicken vegetarian?

Well there is this soup I love called Ramen. It is noodle soup with a seasoning with powdered cooked chicken. Is that vegetarian?

P.S. I’m a new vegetarian.

9 Answers

  • no

  • In first grade you learned that chicken is in the meat category. There is a lot of stuff in Ramen, none of which is vegetarian. To simplify everything for you, always associate vegetarian with from the earth, meaning that it grows from the ground.

  • Powdered cooked chicken is still CHICKEN–duh! All the processing in the world is not going to change that fact.


  • Are you trolling that you asked this again with a slightly different title? It’s obviously not vegetarian. It’s chicken.

  • No, it’s chicken that is cooked, and powdered. That doesn’t make it any less of a chicken.

  • Yes, it is made from chickens.. The oriental flavor of Top Ramen is vegan, though. Make sure you get the brand Nissin, the others have beef in them.

  •’s not. Vegetarians do not eat chicken in any form.

  • In situations like this you should not respond too them but report them. Don’t feed the trolls by answering them and pass this word on too everyone you know in this section. Even your simple “no” is still feeding them. Don’t answer their questions just report them, seriously!

  • Since I am too lazy to type any explanation, discussion, criticism, analysis, exploration, agitation, insults, commentary, critique or anything else about this question, I will answer it straight:


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