Is publix greenwise meat organic or is it just marketed to appear that way?

i dont think it literally says organic, just that it is from animals that are only vegetarian fed and no preservatives or growth hormones are used. I only saw it online, not actually at the store.

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  • Rest assured if it does not clearly, boldly and repeatedly state that it indeed ‘organic’ meat — it will not be.

    ‘Organic’ is such a big ‘added value’ aspect of food these days NO marketer will leave the punter wondering ‘is it or isn’t it’…. if is actually was!

    Publix may well source ‘vegetarian’ fed beef… but even that sounds a littleweird — beef should eat GRASS — if it ain’t grass-fed, then generally it ain’t eatiung natural… that’s the facts… so I’d look for ‘grass fed cattle’ and that’s a better choice for better quality meat.

    IF animals eat only from grass pasture that is ‘organically’ grown — then the meat would be ‘organic’… if they can prove that the pasture has been organic for long enough, and they don’t mess with their diet or medicate them in other ways — they may get a USDA (of if elsewhere equivalent) stamp or ‘certified organic’ endorsement.

    If Publix don’t make a ‘big thing’ or having ‘certified organic’ endorsement you can GUARANTEE it is because it is NOT organic meat.

    This would apply to any company who might use nice natural sounding references, like ‘vegetarian fed’, or such like, if they don’t have the Certified Organic stamp up front — it not a realiable organic product.

  • Publix Organic

  • Publix Greenwise

  • Publix Greenwise is not organic. And it is not “cage free”. The “vegetarian” diet the chickens are fed is soy and corn which is not organically grown. The only significant difference with Greenwise is that the chickens and cows are not given injections of growth hormones. Otherwise Greenwise meat is not too green at all.

  • Does it say it’s organic?

  • It does say on the label it is antibiotic free which h would imply that the animals are not penned up in feedlots which would imply range fed. That would be better than penned up grain fed antibiotic stuffed animals but not necessarily organic. Of course without Publix clearly defining how the animals are raised it is all supposition.

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