Is reoccurringly a word?

I am writing a paper for my honours english class and am trying to say…”In Dorian Gray flowers have been reoccurringly representing a life throughout the novel.

Any help letting me know whether it’s a word?

or possibly helping me out with the arangement of the sentence….

Any help at all is appreciated

Microsoft word has reoccurring as a word, but I just feel like reoccurringly would fit better in that sentence

3 Answers

  • The use of flowers to represent a life appears as a recurring theme throughout the novel ‘A Picture of Dorian Gray’.

  • I don’t believe that it’s a word.

    I think that the word you’re looking for is “recurring”.

    I’m not sure how you would fit that into your sentence, though…but try it out.


  • no that’s not a word, try repeating

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