Is Romeo fearful of the future?

Is Romeo fearful of the future? Write down the lines that support your answer. Act 2 scene 6


Romeo isn't a bit afraid of the future. He is quite rash, I think, and get carried away with his decision and he didn't of what the aftermath could be, how bad it is going to be. And in their victory burn up like fire and gunpowder, As they meet, explode."

needs an explanation

delfino 2: diez in the desert analysis: the story, delfino 2: diez in the desert was really about not giving up! that is basically the theme of the story, and also being more prepared. the plot of the story was about diez, the main character, traveling through the harsh desert with other immigrants. also, that keeping the group alive and getting them to their final destination. the setting of the story took place in mexico in the harsh desert.

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