Is… “Shake your whammy fanny funky song, funky song” a real song?

5 Answers

  • lol I've only ever heard it on Sabrina!

    But most of the other songs they have a re real so I guess it must be

  • It's called "The Funky Song" yea, it is pretty easy to get stuck in your head. i was just watching sabrina and its the episodes from like the first season, so everyone is singing it like nonstop and now i just cant get it out of my head. (i wasnt sure if it mattered which question i answered, so i put it for both)

  • Haha I always wondered this as well! I saw it years ago on Sabrina. Oh how sad I am...

    I think it must be real!

  • I've searched and it seems that it was a creation of the writers for that show, but enjoy the video!!!

  • wasnt that in sabrina?!

    i still remember that........

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