Is soap really made from Horses?

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  • They used to make soap from horse fat and glue from the hooves.

    I am sure this still happens in foreign countries but i think there are better sources of ingredients in the states.

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    Is soap really made from Horses?

  • "The products which come from the rendered body are as follows:

    Bone and blood meal- feed or fertilizer (it is high in nitrogen and calcium).

    Stearic acid - goes to car tires.

    Cartilage, tendons, hooves - produce a gelatin, and is used in products such as Jell-O, camera film, and canned ham gel.

    Feathers and hide (known as "dry matter") - make up a protein mass at the rendering factory. It is turned into pellets to for animal feed."

    This site has more info.

  • Guess what you fools....

    Horse byproducts ARE still used in the production of Glue, Geletan and soap as well as lots of other things

  • Nope. Neither is glue or gummy bears. They used to make if from their hooves, but that isn't done anymore.

  • thats just an old wives tale. 🙂 especially now that all horse slaughter plants are closed, this isnt even possible. people also say that glue is made from horses hooves, but it isnt.

    edit: why did i get three thumbs down... i hardly said anything different than everyone else?

  • Noo... I wouldn't worry about that.

  • No it's not, and glue isn't either.

  • Nope. Don't worry. 🙂

  • no that is just some random thing someone made up

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