Is sonic open on christmas day?

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  • ours is not. depends on where you live. You can always call and find out or simply drive over and find out.

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    Is sonic open on christmas day?

  • Well in Albuqerque New Mexico they are open but they open at like 1 or 2:30 it depends on if the owner of the sonic says so and is a greedy pig like Mickey in albuquerque.So it depends on where u live .


    really it all depends on what games you’ve played and what type of gamer you are. Guess i’ll give a few of the seasons games and wither i liked them or not>>> Far Cry 2 – personally i didn’t like it, but if you like open ended games like Oblivion and you like fps then this game is gold. quite long as well. Fallout 3 – again, not my favorite.. but if you like Oblivion this is basically that with guns. Fable 2 – lots of fun all the way through, very open ended, if you liked the first one then you’ll like this one. Gears of War 2 – Great game, finally gave us some interesting story, the online play is relentless. Mirror’s Edge – really creative game, however it gets fairly repetitive afer a few hours… and (like me) you’ll probably beat it in a couple of days. very beautiful and an interesting idea… but not sure if it’s worth your “one game for the holidays” award. Call of Duty 5 – really fun multiplayer and the online is exactly as good as CoD4. Lots of fun. Red Alert 3 – excellent rts. wonderful series. lots of gameplay hours and fun mission movies with real/good actors. Naruto:TBB – not a fan, but my room mate really likes anime and he told me it’s the best naruto game to ever come out. Lips – a worthless game… never get it. Tomb Raider:U – boring with a touch of ‘old-news’. Left 4 Dead – creative using the source engine.. but you pretty much could beat it in 4 hours and return it(i rented it myself). Sonic Unleashed – again, i thought it was bollocks.. but my room mate said it’s the best thing to happen to sonic in a looooong time. Prince of Persia – very colourful and lots of fun. not much replay value.. no online mode.. but still a fun adventure game. Ah……….. i just realized you said ps3… i only have a 360… so some of these games might be null. quick thought.. umm>> little big planet haze valkyria chronicles resistance 2

  • nope only chinese take out & gas stations are open for food type places

  • they were closed in Lafayette Louisiana area

  • You should call them, go look in your yellowpages for there number.

  • Nope, sorry they are closed too.

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