Is legal?

Found a site that provides live streams of TV channels and sports as well. I am wondering if it is legal to use? I have a chromebook and I am using adblock plus so I know my it is safe to use for my computer? But is it legal? Will anything happen to me if I use it?

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  • Do realize that being illegal is a big deal already, but your ISP might be watching and taking note too. They might warn you at first if caught, but then they can cancel your account or put limits on your account or worse.

    On top of all that, you have thousands of online sleuths working for the record and motion picture industry watching and recording IPs and going after lots of people too.

  • Stream2watch Legal

  • yep it illegal u could get arrested.

  • Stephen is correct. It is illegal because the content that it is streaming is copyright. You could receive a warning from your ISP not to use the service.

  • Yes it's illegal, the reason why is because your streaming copyrighted materiel.

    Source(s): I read a lot about piracy.

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