Is that correct to say “patch me through to somebody”?

when I call an office, can I say “please patch me through to Mr XX”?

if not whats the correct way of saying this by using the term “patch”

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  • If someone is transferring your call (an operator or switchboard), you can use ‘patch’ if you like.

    Otherwise, just ask to be connected or transferred to the person to whom you wish to speak.

  • This is the interesting aspect of Yahoo Answers: there are people speaking English from at least 4 continents. I’m in the USA. I’ve read things written in the UK and they use the phrase “patch me in to Mr. X” or “patch me through…” In the USA, we ask “may I speak to Mr. X” without using any word “patch” or even “connect”, because the person answering the phone understands we wanted to be connected to the person.

  • Patch Me In

  • Patch is fine. The proper way would be to use the word transfer or connect.

  • Patch is fine, you can also say “transfer me to Mr. XX”.

  • Really patch is not current anymore since the operator is not using patch cables to connect people now. I would say “please transfer me through to Mr XX” or “please connect me to mr XX”.

  • Patch me through sounds like you are in the military! To be polite, you should probably say “May I please speak with Mr. X? I’m returning his call. (Or He’s expecting my call.)”

  • It’s grammatically fine but just a bit too casual, possibly rude. or it makes you sound like an army cadet or a delivery man.

    Usually, if ur not part of the offic you’re calling, it’s common to ask, “Hello, is Mr. X there please?”

  • Transfer me to or I am trying to contact Mr/Mrs/Miss…

  • People do say that.. Or you can say “Can you please connect me to/transfer me to”

    But its not incorrect to say “patch”, just a little more informal.

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