Is the Poetry rivals competition legit or is it a scam?

I got an e-mail to enter a poetry competition (have entered a few before now, but with different people – not with the people who sent me the most recent invitation) and to enter you have to send your address and name and stuff (no credit numbers or payments). It’s probably me just being paranoid (just being cautious as I’ve recently been a near victim of scam) or what?

2 Answers

  • It’s an old scam — much older than the Internet. They will publish virtually anything and then sell you a book full of the worst poetry in the world for a grossly inflated price.

  • As the organiser of the Poetry Rivals competition and Poetry Slam, we can assure you the venture is valid and not a scam.

    Our email does recommend you visit our website to read the rules and terms and conditions. These do explain we will publish every eligible entry and from that the Top 100 (50 adults and 50 under 18s) will be invited to the poetry slam to compete for the prize. Entering the competition is free, publishing of your poem is free and you retain your copyright. We will offer you the option of purchasing the book and £1 from every book sale made will be donated to Cancer Research UK. If you don’t purchase the book it doesn’t effect your chance of being shortlisted for the prize.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a creative writing experience; from writing the poem to seeing it being published, and of course the chance to win a publishing contract.

    Please visit our website, or give us a call so we can discuss your concerns on 01733 890099. (Office hours 9am-5pm Monday to Friday).

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