Is the second opening for Attack on Titan in German if so, can someone translate?

This question may sound silly, but it seems like there is one line that "can't be translated" to english.

The line in " linie der torheit" when i type this into a translator nothing happens, but when i translate from german to english it says "linie der torheit" means "line the folly". So basically can someone tell me what language is the OP 2 for attack on titan and what does linie der torheit mean?

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  • Hey:) That is German. To be honest, Torheit translates to (I looked it up, because that's not really a word I use in real life 😉 ) foolishness, piece of folly, besottedness, foolery.

    Torheit actually means that there is a lack of intelligence, or irrationality... so basically stupidity.

    The word "die Linie" means "line" in English.

    Because I do not know anything about Attack in Titan, I do not know the context... But I think you are able to interpreted it better:) I would guess that there is this line or border and when you do something stupid, you'll cross this border (methaphorically speaking).

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