Is the Suzuki GZ250 good enough for a cross country trip?

I am about to buy a 2007 Suzuki GZ250 which has a 250cc engine. I want to go from Los Angeles to New Jersey, over a few days of course.

The Suzuki GZ250 is considered a Standard Motorcycle.

I’m starting biking school soon. I use a bicycle a lot and a few years back I used to ride dirt bikes probably when I was around 14 or so.

I have no intentions of going ‘Fast’. I want to ride at a nice pace and absorb my surroundings 🙂

Would this 250cc engine work for me? A cross country trip and daily commutes to work (~30 Mi. Round Trip)?

Thank you in advance for all your help!

Also if you don’t have a real answer please don’t answer. But I guess I can’t stop you… If you have lots of free time go ahead…

By the way does anyone know what a SMALL bike means? Do they small as in small engine or small in overall size?

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  • The GZ250, from what I’ve read, will run at 70-75 mph, but that is it’s top speed and I am not sure I would like to run it there for many hours down the superslab. Fortunately, Google Maps has an option to avoid highways, and to re-arrange your route to your taste. L.A. to Trenton can be done in 3300 miles / 72 hours saddletime / 45 mph average speed. Eleven 300 mile days, quite do-able. All on backroads avoiding the Interstates entirely. Also avoiding the mandatory helmet states, if you wish you can remove the lid crossing into Arizona and not put it back on until entering New Jersey. The mapping programs also will find you gas stations, with call ahead phone numbers, so you can plan your gasoline without too much worry.

    Your daily commute will not be a problem, a few miles flat out on the freeway is not going to harm the bike in the least. Surface streets not a problem at all, the little bike will easily outrun most 4-wheelers.

    And it is small, both engine size and physical size. While Suzuki lists it as a ‘standard’ the seating position is ‘cruiser’, low saddle and feet forward. The real standard would be the new TU250, not available in California. As long as you are comfortable in not being on a "big" bike and not being able to top 80 mph the 250 will be just fine.

    This is the bike I was looking at in 2004. What I ended up on was a Savage, now the S40. Nearly the same physical size, only 50 pounds heavier, just as easy to handle on the streets; but with a 652cc single that will top out about 85 allowing it to cruise indefinitely at 65-70 down the Interstates. I’ve done back to back 500+ mile days on mine. The S40 would allow you to go to NJ using the superslabs, 2740 miles, 41 hours saddletime, 67mph average, five or six hard days. I’ve done both, and the extra days on the backroads are definitely worthwhile. Far more interesting and relaxing, so the 250 is no penalty if that’s the way you’ll be going.

  • Yes, the GZ will be fine for what you want.

    Like the other user says, there are plenty of 250cc stories on the net.

    I read of one girl who did 2000km over a weekend on a CB250. Inspirational really.

    I’m not sure how many km it is that you are planning on doing as i’m an aussie. At any rate I would take some spare oil, spark plugs and 5L of petrol at the least.

    Apparently they have a top speed of 76mph/122kmh. I don’t know what speed your freeways are, but our highest legal speed is 110km/h. I would have no problems taking one on the freeway, but I’d want a screen at those speeds.

    Having said all that, have you considered a Kawasaki GPX250? I think you guys call them ex250?

    I have one myself and I love it. I’ve had it to 150km/h so far. It will sit on 110km/h all day, is fairly comfortable, and provides some protection from the wind and rain.

    I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the GZ, I’m just wondering why you’ve chosen it and offering an alternative.

    Here is what some testers have said about the GZ and it’s main competitors:

    The first test is of 2009 model and the last is of 2003 models, but I don’t think they changed much in that time. They provide good basic information and review though.

    Small usually refers to the displacement of the engine, but I’ve heard it used in regards to the physical size as well.

    Whatever you choose, good luck and ride safe.

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  • it can be done. just do it. i used to have a 2005 honda rebel 250. drove the crap out of that bike. made trips of all sorts but never across the country just up and down the Florida coast. got saddle вυŧŧ but i didnt even care. the sights, sounds, and the adventure was great. i no longer have the bike, but am looking into getting a 2007 suzuki gz 250 to start riding again. i m not a speedster and dont really care about driving fast, just riding and enjoying is what im looking for. have fun!!!

  • See link below.

    Dr. Yeager has done numerous Iron Butt rides on a Kawasaki 250R Ninja.

    For a novice rider, I would allocate more than a few days for a cross country ride. 500 miles in the saddle is a lot of miles to cover each day. Not saying it cant be done, but I would allow some extra time.

    Being comfortable on any motorcycle is the name of the game when riding long distance.

    Good Luck

  • A GZ250 is the same size as a Rebel 250. I bought my wife a Rebel last weekend and rode it home for her. I rode roughly 75 miles and was so sore that I could hardly walk. I wouldn’t even think about riding across the USA with less than a 1000cc cruiser. The 750 (or thereabouts) are comfortable but not for all day long.

  • oo i read somewhere where a guy did cross country on a 250cc bike pretty cool. bring an extra gas canister. extra clothes. and he went on craigslist to post up to see if anyone would let him stay at their house for a night on the way for his road trip. he made it back witha tow truck because he forgot to tighten the bolt on the oil when he did an oil change on the way and oil spilled everywhere and he froze his engine. try to google "riding across the country on a 250" and by small bike im pretty sure they’re talking about engine size wise. yeah a 250 is small and the Normal speed gets about 60mph. theres a lot of postings online where other people did cross country on a 250cc motorcycle just search it you’ll find something. (yeah i just tried searching online and i cant seam to find the site where i read that article. man it was good.) but goodluck guy.

  • Sure, it can be done.

    Personally I would feel more comfortable on a 500 as that size of bike would be better able to cope with normal highway speeds (which you know are usually quite a bit higher than the posted speed limit). The GZ250 tops out at around 70 MPH so while it can reach highway speeds, you’re really at the upper limit of the bike while riding on the highway for longer periods of time.

    "Small" usually refers to the engine displacement.

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