Is their a way that I can update XBox 360 games without XBox Live?

My XBox Live membership expires soon and I’m not going to renew it. When XBox 360 games are updated is their a way I can get that update on the website and then import it into the XBox with a flash drive or disc? I know that for those that don’t have XBox Live you can download the update for an original XBox game from the website and then import it to your XBox. Is this possible for updates and stuff for XBox 360 games? Thank you in advance for all responses.

4 Answers

  • To receive game updates, you do NOT have to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. As long as you are connected you will still be able to receive system updates, game updates, and download games, movies and other content from Marketplace, etc. You just won’t be able to use online gaming, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, ESPN, videoKINECT, etc. This is the only way to receive game updates. System updates, i.e. to update your Dashboard are different. You can insert a new release video game (assuming it has a newer Dashboard update to what your console has) into your console. You will not be able to play the video game without accepting the update. You can also download system updates from the Support section of You can then burn the files to a DVD, CD or flash drive.

  • No. Updates have to be downloaded through Xbox Live.

    However, you don’t have to have Live Gold to do that — a free Silver account is enough, so as long as your console is connected to Live then you’ll still get updates.

  • If I’m correct I do believe some games come with updates..sometimes mine would update with new released games before I went live

  • thanks to each and everyone of you for the answers.

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