is there a ASDA’s supermarket in america?

So i live in Britain and i was just curious id there is an ASDA supermarket in America? i go there like every week but do americans shop there?

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  • Yes, here in America we call it Walmart. All the Walmarts here in America get used.

    Asda Stores Ltd. is a British supermarket chain which retails food, clothing, general merchandise, toys and financial services. It also has a mobile telephone network, (via the Vodafone Network), Asda Mobile. Its head office is at Asda House in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

    Asda became a subsidiary of the American retail giant Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, in 1999, and is the UK’s second largest chain by market share after Tesco. In December 2010, Asda’s share of the UK grocery market stood at 16.5%.

    Asda’s marketing promotions are usually based solely on price, with Asda promoting itself under the slogan Britain’s Lowest Priced Supermarket, 14 Years Running. As a wholly owned division of Wal-Mart, Asda is not required to declare quarterly or half-yearly earnings. It submits full accounts to Companies House each October.


  • The supermarkets interior the U. S. are no longer as sturdy because of the fact the supermarkets in England once you progression you would be disillusioned. while i exchange into in England I enjoyed procuring in any respect the shops the had such rather some sturdy issues. i in my view enjoyed Morrison’s it exchange into down the st from my grandparents living house. Publix is an extremely sturdy American save additionally total ingredients you will discover some sturdy stuff. they have a walmart in each and every city however the nutrition meat and bring sucks. I in elementary terms save there as quickly as I ought to

  • American Asda

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  • adas is Walmart so in America there is asda but its jut Walmart aha :3

  • ASDA is the UK equivalent to Walmart. They are the same corporation, so I imagine they’d be pretty similar.

    As for supermarkets called ASDA, no.

  • The asda equivalent supermarket in the US is Wal-Mart

  • Their Walmart is our ASDA, I believe they’re owned by the same company or something. They are both linked in some way.

    Hope this helps at all!

  • ASDA is part of the Walmart corp. So technically, some americans shop in Walmart, which is the UK’s asda…

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