Is there a cheat to get white hair on the sims 2 pc?

I think white hair looks cool, but I dont want my sims to be elderly.

3 Answers

  • I don’t think you can get all the Maxis hairs in white, but I know the hair site: put their white hair in the custom bin (a star shaped thing, you’ll need to sign up to raonsims but it’s free they don’t spam you 😛 ).

    If you don’t know how to get Custom Content…

    1) Download from the site (it’s usually easy to find the links) and SAVE the .zip or .rar to anywhere.

    2) Download WinRAR if the file isn’t a .zip (found here: Ignore this step if you already have a .rar unpacker.

    3) Right click the file and select “Extract Here”

    4) Select all the .package files (I recommend sorting the folder by file type so they’re easy to find) When they’re selected, press ctrl+c or ctrl+x on the files.

    5) Go to (My) Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 > Downloads

    If there isn’t a Downloads folder, make one.

    6) Press ctrl+v in the Downloads folder

    7) If your downloads folder has the .package files in them, you can delete all the .rar and/or .zip files (to save disk space)

    8) Start up the game and go into CAS or Makeover.

    9) When in CAS Press the 3 button and select the Custom Content icon next to the Red Hair colour. If you use the makeover dialoge, just select the Custom Content icon.

    10) You should see white colours of your downloaded hair

  • well, i don’t think that there is…

    but try designing a family, and picking white as the hair color.. can you do that? I’m not sure.. sorry

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