Is there a difference between looking slim and looking toned?

Um well I thought they meant the same..but when you look slim, like do you have body fat? And looking toned, does it mean lean muscles? Ugh i'm confusing myself. I want to lose a lot of body fat to look nice in the clothes I want to wear.

Someone explain please?

Okay so I think i'm starting to understand the difference. Is it possible when losing fat to have results as being both slim and toned?

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  • When you build lean muscles, you look slim because muscles burn much more calories than fat does. + there will be no flabbiness or jiggle so thats a major difference between merely looking slim and looking toned.

    for examples you can look at kristen dunst 's body and com^pare it to a victoria secret model's body.

    both are slim, but the victoria secret model looks healthier and more toned, less flabby. If you wnat to lose a lot of body fat you should get lean muscles, you will look healthy and skinny and youre metabolism will be way higher.

    so work out and eat well.

    no, when you lose fat you can't look both slim and toned. To be toned you need to work out. But working out is the best way really, you may think it looks boring but it really isnt once you get used to it you will enjoy it. The health benefits skin hair stressnot even just losing weight out of exercising are tremendous. Overall, you will look slimmer and tones and your body will be way better. and you will be able to keep the weight off more effectively without depriving yourself from your favorite foods.

  • Like the above user said, being slim is not unlike being on the skinnier side.

    Being toned is being, I don't know, lean? Having muscle but not being bulky or thick or skinny. If that makes any sense.

    Ultimately, it's just tiny differences of semantics. If you fully explain your goals, it really doesn't matter too much what wording you use, as people should understand what you mean.

  • Toned would be lean muscle and slim is skinny.

  • slim means your skinny and toned means you have muscles that are defined on your body and you look somewhat muscular and they're not covered by fat

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