Is there a phone number for Amazon where I can call and make a complaint?  ?

I am getting deliveries of items I did not order.  They don’t appear on my Amazon account but the boxes are addressed to me.

6 Answers

  • Make sure they’re also not appearing on your credit card or on your account. If they’re on you’re credit card, file a fraudulent charge against them. 

    If no one is buying these things for you then contact Amazon’s customer service. If you’re not at home when they’re delivered, you can’t refuse to accept the parcels. 

  • Is there anything useful for you? Those are anonymous gifts for you ))

  • From a friend or relative?  Open one.  See if there is a note.

  • They sound like Santa sent those.


    Why not refuse to accept them?

  • Open the boxes.  Maybe people are buying you presents.

    If you want to talk to Amazon, their number is (888) 280-4331

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