Is there a Piratey word for Good Bye, or at least a piratey phrase?

I can think of I best be on my way or till next shore leave, but I need somehting better.

I would just like to say, I know ITLAPD isn;t until spetember and in fact it is on my birthday,the 19th but I am obsessed with pirates (and hate Pirates if the carribean FYI) I already know alot of pirate talk and I have a good quality costume and replica guns and what not, it’s just that I couldn’t think of anyhting for good bye.

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  • Talk like a pirate day isn’t until September, you’re getting an early start… Here are some suggestions to say goodbye: Fair Winds, Godspeed, I’m shovin’ off.

  • Arrrrr: hello, goodbye or a "filler" word (like Hmmm)

    Ahoy: hey

    Avast: stop

    Aye: yes

    Black flag: Jolly Roger, skull an’ crossbones

    Black spot: markin’ someone fer death

    Booty: treasure

    Buccanneer: a pirate who answers t’ no government

    Davy Jones’ Locker: th’ bottom o’ th’ sea ("Hey, hey, it’s NOT th’ Monkee…")

    Black spot: markin’ someone fer death

    Dead Man’s Chest: coffin

    Gallows meat: what a pirate will be if caught

    Glory hole: bathroom, restroom, privy, john, toilet, head, latrine, outhouse, urinal, lavatory, comfort station, WC

    Grog: a pirate’s favorite drink

    Hornswoggle: cheat

    Jolly Roger: th’ pirate flag

    Keelhaul: a punishment whar a pirate be tied t’ a rope an’ dragged along th’ barnacle-encrusted bottom o’ a ship

    Landlubber: anyone not used t’ life onboard a ship

    Lass: a woman

    Lily-livered: a coward or weakling

    Matey: a shipmate or a friend

    Me: my

    Powder Monkey: a boy in charge o’ bringin’ th’ gunpowder t’ th’ gunner

    Privateer: a pirate officially sanctioned by a national power

    Sassypants: a know-it-all

    Scallywag: a bad person or scoundrel

    Scurvy dog: a fine insult

    Sharkbait: anyone thrown o’erboard wi’out a life jacket

    Shiver me timbers!: exclamation o’ surprise

    Son of a Biscuit Eater: another fine insult

    Sprogs: raw, untrained recruits

    Swabbies: yet another fine insult

    Thar: there

    Wench: any woman who is not th’ captain

    Yo-ho-ho: pirate laughter

  • Words For Bye

  • Rest in Peace

  • I have to say "just friends" seriously hurts when you really like the guy 🙁

  • Godspeed! — Goodbye, good luck

  • Ahoy=hello

    Me hearties=my friends



    Billions of blue blistering barnacles=oh my god


    well, blow me down=well, look at that

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  • aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggg smooth salin’ matey

  • Argh me matety,untill we sail again argh,,,,

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  • goodbye arrr

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