Is there a speedy taxi in welland ontario? if so what is the number?

and how much would i cost from welland to pelham

4 Answers

  • Just call the one in Niagara and they will give you the number and prices.


  • Welland Taxi Number

  • Heard this one is reliable but can sometimes be busy (especially on weekends) so call in advance just to make sure. But they have better prices than most driving services out there so it s worth the call.

    Welland to Pelham would be around 12$.

    Anywhere else, call and ask them for a quote and they ll give you a rough estimate. Just make sure you have exact change. Regardless, I usually give 10$ for anywhere in Welland because they ll stop by Timmies or McDicks.


    after doing some research it looks like they might be out of business they were busted by the police for not having the proper documents for being a taxi

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