Is there a way to increase inventory space in runescape?

I just don't have a lot of inventory space. any way P2P or F2P?

9 Answers

  • No F2P only gets a few bank spaces & 28 pack spaces.

    P2P gets over 400 bank spaces & can use summoning familiars to increase their pack size.

  • Runescape Inventory

  • nope not at all, just gotta wait until maybe they increase it in an update, only other way is to have a beast of burden using the summoning skill to lvl and get one, then they can hold items

  • no but u can use war tortes and bull ant to hold items for u like a bank

  • no

    but e-mail jagex and ask for 30 or 34 via the runescape forums

  • use a bank to deposit things you don't need in your inventory

  • theres a way, its called a BANK

  • n

  • no

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