Is there a way to practice giving a hickey?

I only see my bf once in awhile and I want to practice before I give him his first one. I can’t practice on myself because he’d see it plus I have to wear a bikini when we go to FL. No im not gonna practice on another person either lol. Maybe a fruit or something? XD LOL idk. Help please

6 Answers

  • It’s easy. just ꜱᴜcκ on the skin.

  • If you must practice, I would say the inner arm, as it is easily hidden by sleeves. But make sure (if you haven’t already) that he wants a hickey… Many guys find them embarrassing, or childish. You don’t want to surprise him with a present he doesn’t want 🙂

  • do you really think you need to practice? lol… are you going for a particular shape bruise? lol

    My suggestion is dont practice, dont do it. You only hurt the one you love…

  • me i was nervous wen i gave my bf his first its not at badd as you think just start kissing his neck softly and this lik start ꜱᴜcκin his neck softly but lik bother kiss and ꜱᴜcκ his neck you can bite but lik softlyy tho you dont want to hurt him tho i didnt pratice just start by kissing and go with wat your comfortable with

  • Your arm.

  • your hand/ fingers…

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