Is there an adapter that can be used to fit the old propane tank to a newer grill?

I bought a new gas grill and the old tank I had on the old grill will not fit on the new grill. Is there a adapter fitting I could get at a hardware store somewhere?

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  • Other responders are correct in that any grill tank with an old style POL ( put on left ) type valve is well beyond it’s 10 year expiry date and should not be in use.

    There are adaptors available to do what you want, but do not attempt to use one. This will defeat the excess flow safety feature of the cylinder / grill design. If you do this you are “altering” the appliance.

    If you were to have a fire or anyone injured by this arrangement, the manufacturer would take no responsibility because you are using the appliance “in a manner other than which it was intended”. Insurance companies would deny any claims for the same reason.

    Some money isn’t worth trying to save. Buy a new cylinder or exchange your old one.

  • Old Style Propane Tank Adapter


    Do not use adapters or change the regulator to fit the old tank. There are several reasons. First, you void the warranty of the appliance. Second, you have “altered” the appliance. That means if anyone gets hurt or if you burn your house down with it, the insurance companies will do nothing for you! You’re on your own! Give the tank to someone with an old BBQ or dispose of the tank safely at a filling station…

  • reclaiming the rest of the propane will cost as much or more than the value of the propane BUT having a partially full tank of propane could be a real hazard for fire or exposion..if not right away in time it could deteriorate. Since it is in good condition try to advertise it for sale or even for free if they will take it away. You could also take it to a place like home depot where they exchange tanks (full tanks for empty tanks) and they will take it off you hands.

  • You should be able to buy a hose that will fit the tank and your grill. I do agree with others about not being able to fill the old tank. Newer tanks have both male and female threads, you old tank is female only and your grill hose is female. It is probably cheaper to buy a new tank than a new hose.

  • I agree with Badbilly. Exchange the tank. If I am correct, by law, no one is supposed to fill an old tank if it has not been inspected and has an opd valve on it.

  • propane tanks need to replaced them every 10 years

  • Exchange your tank when you refill . Any major hardware store, or some 7-11’s, Walgreens, etc.

  • How is it not fitting? Propane fittings have been the same for more than 30 years. By law they are all standardized and they all have to be made the same.

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