Is there any evidence of Trump collusion with Russia in the election yet or does the left still only have rumors and allegations?

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  • Yes, there is evidence. Michael Flynn was recorded telling the Russian ambassador that Trump will lift sanctions on Russia. Carter Page, who was Trump’s campaign advisor, was recorded emailing with Russians, and he predicted that Hillary’s manager’s emails will be leaked before it was leaked. That is not a coincidence, that is collusion. Trump’s tax returns will show how much money he got from Russia, either in the form of loans or in the form of Russian investment in his businesses.

    There is also evidence that someone still in the Trump administration is being investigated as a person of interest in the Russian collusion case. it means the collusion is still happening. The White House also claims that the Russians are putting pressure on him and he fired Comey to reduce that pressure.

  • There is evidence of his team’s improper conduct w/ regards to Russia, cf. Manafort and Flynn. There is an investigation underway to see if that is the end of it or not. We shall see what comes out of that.

  • No there isn’t.

  • Why so quick to dismiss? These are serious matters and deserve a full airing of the evidence. And that takes time. After all, the first Benghazi investigation found no evidence whatsoever of wrongdoing, but we got eight more investigations. Don’t the questions about Trump deserve full scrutiny?

    So, why so quick to end everything? Something got you nervous? After all, if Trump did nothing wrong, then he’s got nothing to fear.

    Now, discreetly wipe that flop-sweat off your forehead. There, does that make you feel better, cuck?

  • Collusion can mean whatever libtards want it to mean. It is another term like “fair share”.

  • If he’s not guilty, why is he trying so hard to cover it up? LOCK HIM UP!

  • That is under a criminal investigation by the FBI, a House committee, a Senate committee, and now a special investigator.

    We should know all the facts shortly.

    What we do know know for certain is that the Trump campaign had at least 18 contacts with the Russians before and during the election campaign.

    The only question is why?

  • The Left is probably as sure of Trump’s Russian collusion as you were of Obama’s Kenyan birth

  • There is plenty of evidence. The weight of that evidence is disputed, but it exists.

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