Is there any food at Swiss Chalet that a vegetarian can eat?

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  • I can say from experience there isn’t anything?/much? that’s vegan. But, I suspect there are vegetarian options. (I haven’t been to a Swiss Chalet in ages, for this exact reason…even though my husband likes it,)

    Here’s their nutritional information:

    Looks like some salads, maybe fries or mashed potatoes, veggie burger, desserts…. Most soups likely are not vegetarian, though, in my experience. (Delis and Mediterranean/Persian restaurants tend to have a daily soup that’s vegan…usually lentil. But most other restaurants use chicken or beef stock…even for their vegetable soups. You have to ask.)

  • Yes, Swiss Chalet is definitley fast food – maybe just a healthier version. You do have to be careful what you order – those mashed potatoes in the baggies are true! I used to work there so I know firsthand! You can get some decent items but somethings you might think are healthy choices are actually laden with fat. And I have to admit, even though I was a great waitress 🙂 the service and food can still not be the greatest. The idea is to get customers in and out as fast as possible, that is why there are rarely ever line-ups at the door. I guess to get the fast service they are compromising on good quality.

  • European countries tend not to cater for vegetarians from my own experience, I usually end up with chips, bread or salad but even the salad has bacon most of the time so I have to pick it out. They’re just big fans of pig

  • Rosti, salad, garlic bread, soup. Loads of things. Why ask here, go to the website or call them.

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