Is there any Nudism in Pakistan?

Hey.. i’m a foreigner having to live for a while in Pakistan.. and i was wondering if there is any nudism here.. any place, forum or club where i can find like-minded people?

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  • What a naive question coming from a foreigner who despite having access to a computer and the internet opted to ask it in this forum.Had you some brains ,Google would have given you a befitting answer worthy of your question.

  • Nudism In Pakistan


    I don’t like Pakistan but i love their Ahmed Pickles and their Islamic Gazals and poetry.

  • I am Pakistani and I’m quite shocked was goes on in Pakistan. The so called “Islamic Republic” literally has nightclubs and bars, even brothels (but they aren’t as bad as here).

    No there is no nudity (for now). That country is devastatingly shooting itself in the foot (or “bombing” itself in the foot hahaha). Poor government, corrupt Police, self assured religious idiots who want to impose tribal laws that they consider “Sharia”.

    Choose a different Muslim country like UAE, Qatar, or Malaysia. Those are moderate progressive nations that use Islam as a guideline.

    BTW there is NO dress code in Pakistan. Most women don’t even wear hijab (Islam says dress moedestly) but wear western clothing that shows alot of skin.

  • live anywhere but follows the rule of religion country and society or try to locate a society which suits you

  • Dude, you’re living in the wrong place. Get out of there and go look for a better place.

  • Sure is. Quite the naughty girls there. Some even show their entire face, straight naughty.

  • I don’t know but that would be pretty scary wouldn’t it?

  • sure! go to the local graveyard you will find lots of girls who showed off their ankles!

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