Is there anything we can learn from Jesus’ ascension into the heavens?

In terms of the engineering feat, where the propulsion system was all biological, and he was able to achieve escape velocity, and likely speeds much faster. How was his human body able to withstand the acceleration without any kind of restraint system in place? These are the kind of designs NASA needs to investigate to save on rocket fuel.

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  • Sure, when they saw Him no more it was because His body was transformed into an incorruptible one just as Paul has told us.

  • Yes, That when He ascended, So will we Christians !!

  • Jesus has left us with a lot to think about since he has left the earth. However he didn’t leave the earth in his human form. He left as a spirt.

    1 peter 3:18

    For Christ died once for all time for sins,+ a righteous person for unrighteous ones,+ in order to lead you to God.+ He was put to death in the flesh+ but made alive in the spirit.+

    At his resurrection from the dead, Jesus was brought forth with a spirit body. In the Greek text the words “flesh” and “spirit” are put in contrast to each other, and both are in the dative case; so, if a translator uses the rendering “by the spirit” he should also consistently say “by the flesh,” or if he uses “in the flesh” he should also say “in the spirit.”)

    This must be why its hard for designs made for earth when trying to leave it they can’t with stand the different elements beyond earth. I guess like trying to mix to substance together that just won’t mix (oil water, clay and iron).

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