Is there anything you can feed goldfish besides that fish food you buy?

I won one at the fair today and forgot to go get some fish food. I think i should feed it.

p.s. it’s name is roberto. or roberta. i’m not really sure.

yes, i don’t expect it to live long. i was going to steal some fish food from a friend. but i hope roberto/a lives long. s/he is my homeboy/girl.

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  • Goldfish are vegetarians. They love oranges and lemons. Float a slice and watch him go for it. You need to clean all the bits out of the water when he is done. You can offer some lettuce.

    He will be fine until tomorrow when you can get some food. Shouldn’t hurt him a bit.

    Be advised, fair goldfish usually don’t live very long. Unless you expect them to die, then they last years. Just don’t be suprised if the little guy buys it in the next few days.


    Don’t feed goldfish brine shrimp.

  • Dont mok fair fish…my friend won a fish at teh fair about a yr ago – hes still doing well and alive!!!

    Surely he’ll be ok for one day without food…u cant over feed them anyway – some goldfish take ages to digest food then they end up all weird and belly up even though their not dead really…

  • What Can You Feed Goldfish

  • WOW! Yahoo folks are really knowledgeable about fish. Some great advice provided. Perhaps if I had known some of these things years ago, I might have had more of a fondness for fish. I don’t know what it is about goldfish, but I have found that don’t live very long. I was told that they don’t adjust well to water change. And I am sure by now you have fed Roberto/Roberta. (hey – how can you tell if a goldfish is male or female anyway??) Good luck to you! And to your fish….

  • Yup! Goldfish are greeeedy fishes! So they’ll eat ALMOST anything! You can give them a variety of Home Fish Foods.A few foods that you and I eat the fish can eat too!

    Here are a few of them:-


    Cooked peas,

    Romaine lettuce,



    insect larvae,




    and spinach.

    These are just a few!

    BUT NOTE:Please donot feed bread crumbs toooo often.It could affect health of fish and also Water Quality.

  • goldfish will eat anything pretty much just as long as its fresh and not cooked.. I feed my fish well chopped ox heart.. worms..frozen blood worms.. white worms (those tiny little worms that have not changed color to normal garden worms) lettuce.. they will eat mosquito larvae if you can get it and of course also normal fish food hope these help you out and being a goldfish they are not really that fussy about food unless not well …..

  • Our comet goldfish is four or five years old. We got him/her? from a friend, along with one of it’s siblings, which it ate the first day. He has grown from about an inch long to about four inches. He sometimes likes small earthworms, but recently he has been spitting them out. He LOVES flies, so we got a hand held zapper and we throw them in the tank, and he “sharks” them-circling and bumping them, and then SNAP! They are gone. He also likes Mayflies. Lately, we’ve been giving him peas out of the pod, which he loves. Going to try some of the other suggestions, such as lettuce, egg, and fruit. Incidently, “Gill” is a traveling fish. We are traveling the country in an RV, and he has gone thousands of miles with us!

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  • Chances are it won’t eat now any way because of the change of environment. I am sure he will be fine until tomorrow when you can get some fish flakes for him or her. By the way some fish foods will make the water dirty and the best to get is Tetra Fin.

  • brine shrimps , tubifex and bloodworms [these 2 always frozen since can have parasites] and mosqito larvae. Goldfish eats everything!

  • Float a small lettuce leaf in the tank. Be sure to remove it within a day or so as it will make the tank dirty if it starts to go slimy.

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