Is there one person you will always have feelings for?

For all you married folks out there. This question is for you. Is it true? Do you ever think back to all your past ex's and think about that one person that just stood out but you couldn't have?

Or do the feelings for the person eventually fade into nothing?

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  • Those feelings came from nothing and they return to the nothingness where they came from.

    The only person I still have feelings for, after twenty-years plus years of marriage, is my wife.

    To be perfectly honest with you, there was no love, no sex, no relationship in my past as good as the one in my present. And it keeps getting better ever year.

  • I've never felt this way about an ex, but there are a few people (who were...and still are) married or unobtainable. One of them has been in my life for several years now and is a very powerful mentor figure in my life. The other is a beautiful person who I feel very grateful to have known and worked with. I can't imagine that my feelings and inspiration from these people will ever go away, no matter how old I get.

  • Of course there is - a think of my ex boyfriend frequently. We just got along so well, dated about 5 years and I was always hoping for that ring. Guess he didn't feel the same when he moved away without me. I am married now for 12 years with 3 kids - always wonder what my life would have been like with the ex - but then I realize I wouldn't have the 3 perfect kids I have with my husband. They make everything better.

  • Never ever tho't I'd say this, but haven't seen or heard from my ex husband for over 23 yrs. He is an alcoholic, cheated on me countless times, left me a few times, but just couldn't get sober. I have been sober for over 20 yrs. now & haven't heard from him all these yrs. Of all things a couple mons. ago I received a request on dear Face Book I don't even go on but to accept an ex coworkers friend request. I couldn't believe it was him. He apologized for all we went thru, & he didn't mean to hurt me. Said he had been trying to decide to write to me or not, but took the chance. I stuck in for 12 yrs. with him regardless of what he'd done to me, I did truly love him. I had to let him go tho as I could no longer take all the hurts. He lives a few states away from me. We don't write on any daily basis, but once in awhile we'll drop one another a note. Got 2 emails from him late last nite & he said he was lonely in the first email. The second one was a bit longer, he ended it in a lot of kisses & hugs. My heart went out to him. I actually found I DO still have feelings for him. I wrote him back, told him I'm always here for him, will support him in any way I can, if he needs me just to email me. We exchanged email addresses as I didn't want my business on Face Book. I really can't believe I still have some feelings for him after all these yrs. & I have been with someone for 20 yrs. now myself. I believe from what he said he's alone & by the way he was talking, I felt bad because I have the sneaking suspicion he was drinking. How good I feel, he's still feeling miserable! I couldn't help but think...I truly have always believed certain people are put in our lives for a reason regardless if we ever know why or to you...:)

  • People that you truly love will never fade. I thought about my ex for about 2 years every day after I was married. I loved my husband tremendously, built a life and home with him and had 2 wonderful kids.

    But, your first true love never dies. After 9 years, my husband and I separated. My ex contacted me and the first thing he said was, "I think of you all of the time, we should have stayed together." True love will NEVER die. I will always love my ex-boyfriend. I may never be with him, but I will always LOVE him different than anyone else.

  • It's not an ex. It's someone I couldn't have.

    The feeling hasn't faded and I don't think it ever will.

  • I have an ex wife who is remarried and had to have major surgery twice and I got quite emotional. I have an ex girlfriend who I was sure I would spend my life and longer with. She had the means to make ANYTHING happen, but wouldn't. I am not in love with them anymore, but yes I will always have feelings for them!

  • The feelings begin to fade into nothing when you become involved with someone else and decide to make a life with them.

  • Yes, I'm not married but one person there has always been a flame. It's normal, in small amounts. Your first proper love will leave a dent on your heart and mind and you will always care for them. Hope you're okay

  • he wasnt my first boyfriend, but we dated in highschool and we just had a chemistry that ive never had since him. we dated a few yrs and broke up to go to diff colleges........we both met ppl and hten for one reason or another were scared to talk to each other and both eventaully married toher ppl. i have never forgotten him and i regularly dream about him, evn tho ive been married 5 yrs. last yr we talked on facebook for the first time since back then and we got a little carried away but he told me he still dreams about me regularly TOO and thinks about if i would enjoy something taht him and his wife were doing, but he kidna wished it was me instead of her. we both know it was wrong to be talking taht way, but we couldnt help it so we cut things off completely so we woudnt be tempted to cheat. i think we will always think of the other one alll the time, and wish they were experiencing something with us that our spouse is instead. i dont know why it is, but its just that way. i do love my husband but my ex was 'the one' but it was bad timing (too young)

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