Is There Something Equivalent to Sesame Street in Polish?

We’re trying to teach my little cousin polish but we live in USA… is there a show similar to sesame street or a learning type ordeal in poland? Thanks!

Staramy sie uczyc moja mala kuzyn polski… ale zyjemy w USA … ma pokazac podobno do “Sesame Street” za nauki proby Polski? Dzieki!

Cool thanks 🙂

if anyone has anymore feel free to share!

4 Answers

  • Just have a look on youtube and try to search for any Kaczynski speech then you got muh better stuff than Sesamstreet.

  • Yes, I was watching Sesame Street in Polish while I was there for the same reason and my fiance reads me children’s books. I gave up trying to learn, I never told her because I kind of like the stories. Plus its extremely difficult to learn. I picked up Russian in a matter of weeks well enough to have a brief conversation and get around. Speaking Russian they is of no use and I believe they find it vulgar for some reason.

  • There actually is a Polish version of Sesame Street. It is called “Ulica Sezamkowa” or “Bawmy się Sezamku”. I think you will be able to find some of these online

  • Yes there was show for kids called “jedyneczka” but i think it would be hard to find. You should search on (portal made by polish television with programs put in – you can translate it with google translate webpage translator). There are also many polish programs for kids on youtube. Just type: “domisie” or check “” playlist on itvp youtube channel. if you want some program in polish you have just to type it’s translated to polish name in youtube: like “teletubbies = teletubisie” some names are unchanged just type “PL” after name: noody…

    (big sorry for my english – i’m still learning)

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