Is there such a person as Nora or Norah in the Holy Bible?

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  • Nora, or Norah (Arabic: نورا), is a feminine personal name of Arabic origin meaning "light". The root word Noor (Arabic: نور) could be also a feminine and masculine name. It has also similar Latin origin meaning "the bright one" or "honor".

  • Meaning Of Nora

  • No. Nora or Norah is sometimes a nick name for Honorah.

  • No. If the Holy Spirit was a person, how could it fill another person? The Bible says that some were filled with the holy spirit. The holy spirit is just that. A spirit or active force.

  • No, neither Nora or Norah are in the Bible.

  • No to ‘Nora’ / ‘Norah’,

    but there definitely is a ‘Noah’!

    Ever hear of the Global Flood of Noah’s Day?

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  • You’re asking about Noah, the builder of the Ark. Also, there is a Noah’s vineyard that is 4,300 years old. Genesis chapters 6-9.

    Source(s): I’m a researcher
  • Follow this link for the names of 188 women mentioned in the Bible.…

  • There is a Noah that was plagiarized from the Sumerian tablets and the bible claimed as their own.

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