Is this “lady” stalking me on face book and should I block her?

I made a fan page for a sort of celebrity on Face Book. This woman who “LIKED” the fan page found out I was the creator and requested a add to my face book. I added her thinking we both like the same celebrity so cool. Suddenly, she began bothering one of my friends. That’s not all, every time I go onto my face book after working all day and stuff, she is RIGHT there with in seconds when I make my first post on my timeline, right there every time with in seconds. And she begins liking and commenting like crazy and trying to get my attention, this happens every time. How would she even always happen to be on Face Book exactly when I finally make my first post online for that night unless she is SITTING there waiting for me? and I made a message on my timeline I don’t like to be smothered or stalked ” and she replies “oh I hope you’re ok” she MUST know I mean her? and she is trying to copy cat my admiration for this celebrity, using my words and stuff. Is she actually stalking me? How can somebody just always be on facebook? and she bothers my friend too and my friend now ignores her.

I wasn’t sending her messages, I was posting on my timeline, not replying to her and not sending her any messages and she was right there is seconds every time. I was posting fresh stuff on my time line and she’d be right there. seconds later every time.

5 Answers

  • She isn’t a friend so if her presence bugs you , block her.

  • How about ignoring her? if that does not work after a bit,you can report people on facebook you know, and they can be barred.

  • Maybe she has alerts set up on her phone? I barely ever use Facebook but whenever someone sends me a message, I instantly know because an alert pops up on my screen. Maybe she has it set up so she receives an alert for every single post by her friends, then instantly sees them?

    Seriously though, if it bothers you, just unfriend her/block her. Or block her from seeing your posts.

  • Block her because soon she will be asking personal info and asking for money.I get these types every day of the week.

  • You have a book of a face? Or do you mean Facebook?

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