is this normal?

I’ve been liking this guy online and he doesn’t know…he think I’m cute and he asked if I had a bf and we have some thing in common. We have been talking all week like all day to day to night :/ but today we never talked…is this normal ahould I just say hey tomorrow? I really enjoy talk to him

2 Answers

  • I always overthink things like this. Sometimes people just get caught up or maybe he’s thinking the exact same thing as you right now. If there’s nothing to say then sometimes forcing a conversation will be worse. Maybe wait until you have something to talk about, like I don’t know a film or a new song or just something new that’s happened with you.

  • I know how you feel and sometimes it can be quite “scary” to be the one to text first because I’ve been in your situation before. I personally go by the saying “treat someone the way you want to be treated”. So if you do feel like talking to him, just start something up. Who knows, he may be waiting for you to talk to him.

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