Is this weird?

I am 17 and I have 8 siblings,4 of them are younger (Under 8).While my parents are at work from 8-5 and my mom works until 10 I take care of them. ( I am home schooled) My older siblings work and are at college so they aren’t home much so I am the oldest usually.I love them dearly but sometimes I get really exhausted.At night I day dream about meeting a “prince” A rescuing me from all of the work so I can be happy and have my own family….I’m still a kid but i’m a teenager…I just think it’s kind of odd haha

2 Answers

  • thats probably cause you have so many siblings and they need your help, youre getting free rm and board so its not unreasonable for them to ask you to help with them

  • Nothing weird about it.

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