Is Topher Grace a jerk?

I looked him up on Google a few minutes ago and all I’m seeing are people claiming that he’s an asshole. Is it true? It would be a shame because Eric Foreman was my childhood crush. D:

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  • Believe it or not, I actually got the chance to talk to the executive producer of That 70’s Show. My mother grew up in a small town called Fredonia, New York and lived merely a few streets away from where he grew up (also, in the show the characters’ hangout place called “The Hub” was actually a real place in that town when my mother was a teenager in the 1970‘s).

    Anyway, I went to a party hosted by my mother’s childhood friend and he was there. Being a huge fan of the show I went up and spoke to him, I even asked him about all of the actors and what they were like (mostly curious about the Topher Grace rumor).

    He said that Topher was a pretty awkward person who seriously lacked social skills and had a very hard time connecting with just about anyone. He never fit in with the other cast members, especially with Ashton Kutcher. He said that at first he seemed like a jerk but once he got the chance to connect with the kid he was very friendly, but still a bit quiet. People who are anti-social might seem like assholes, though they aren’t most of the time. And there’s also a chance that he has some sort of personality disorder and can’t help the way he is.

    People always assume that actors and actresses are going to be exactly like the characters they play, which is why most of the ones who dream of meeting Topher Grace are expecting to meet the very incarnation Eric Foreman. (Another example would be Marilyn Manson. Everyone assumes that he’s Satan because of the style of his music, even though he’s actually a super chill and awesome guy in real life.) So he sort of “blows them off” and “ignores” them, but that’s because it’s hard for him to interact with people, especially complete strangers.

    So the people who claim he’s a ᴅoucнᴇ bag are just asshats who expect way to much from him.

  • Topher Grace Jerk

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    I love Topher. He really is better looking and at acting. And he doesn’t have a stupid show like Punkd.

  • He was really friendly when I met him.

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