IT wise how long should business tell IT of a new location and to set it up?

Hi, I’m a local IT technician at a company, recently they changed office management (terrible).

I’m the only IT person at the local office, the rest of network and server guys are at another place.

They pay me like helpdesk 45,000 a year.

So I was advised a week and a half into opening a brand new huge warehouse that they needed everything ready by then. To make things worse, the site doesn’t even have any internet company with lines, it’s in the country in outskirts of city in forgotten part of town.

Eventually putting them in cellular network.

All this time I’ve been screamed and yelled at, for not having internet ready, phone lines installed, and all the equipment necessary for it to function like an IT site.

Is this normal timing? I would have thought I would need at least 3-4 months advance notice or in a hurry 2 or 1 month.

Plus they all act like I’m IT project manager, when I’m just a tech that’s supposed to fix computers, but none of my manager or anything want to take ownership because they know of how short timeline and brutal this office management is, so I guess they’re setting me up that if a head needs to roll, it will be mine.

Is this normal time? or am I right with my thoughts.

It’s a 600,000 sq ft warehouse with a small office but they want wifi in warehouse for scanners, and also an adjacent warehouse with wifi, but they don’t want to pay twice a connection.

my position is Helpdesk Technician… and the office management all act like if I’m not doing anything.

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  • While I haven’t done anything like this in years I would have thought that pulling all this together PROPERLY could be done in 6 – 8 weeks. But you need to get the experts in, have access to finance etc. Above all you actually need a pretty detailed spec of what they want – so that’s actually 6-8 weeks for implementation! You’d need all the paperwork, and compatibility info too; so if you need to do all that then yeah 3 months might not be unreasonable!

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