Itty Bitty 1 yr. old?

My 16 mo. old daughter is only 20 lbs and very short too. She eats very good and drinks a lot too. We don’t give her any junk food at all. Only what’s considered nutritious. Since I am 4’11 and 97 lbs I don’t know if her low weight and short stature is from genetics. I looked like a 3 yr. old when I was 5. My own parents went through hell because of it (my mom is like me). People keep telling me my daughter doesn’t look like a 16 month old and is too tiny for her age. My son is the complete opposite. He looks like a 12 yr. old and is only 8. Doctors would yell at me that my son was too large (not fat) but his father and uncle are both very tall and have a large build.

I guess no one is ever satisfied. It’s either too big or too small.. smh. Any parents who have children that were super tiny? If so, did they catch up years down the road or remain small?

She eats all fruits, all vegetables, quinoa, millet, oatmeal, brown rice, beans, etc.

She drinks coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, peanut ᴮᵁᵀᵀer shakes, juice from squeezed watermelon, etc.

Gravy is the worst type of food you can give anyone… let alone a child.

The milks I have mentioned is way more nutritious than milk and without the added hormones.

I am not just talking out of my ***. I have a degree in nutrition. She is far from starved.

Just because I don’t put diabetic and cancer causing foods down her throat doesn’t mean she is starving.

I am the type of person to stay away from McDonald’s and Wendy’s. I am not your typical parent.

I am not a follower. Health comes first in our family. My child is very healthy, very strong, and very smart.

I am asking if any parents have children that were on the tiny side and if they outgrew it.

I am not asking to see if my daughter is healthy or not. I already know the answer to that.

*Way more nutritious than cow’s milk

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  • A better question is what do you consider nutritious?

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