I’ve been thinking about living out of a 2006 Toyota Avalon.?

I’ve not lived out of a car before but have in cramped quarters (five girls, one room, no kitchen or closet or air conditioning). I’d like some advice from those who have lived out of their vehicle:

How to be comfortable in the summer heat (I live in south Alabama)?

How to keep warm in the winter?

What technology do I need?

How much will this cost?

I don’t need room for food (college meal plan comes with my scholarship) and have access to toilet, shower, gym. Mainly for sleeping.


4 Answers

  • get a bigger car or a wagon you’ll never get a good sleep in a car.

    Yes i have been homeless and sleep in my car for months at times

  • You’re in college and you’re doing this? Come on! Have you checked to see if there are programs that can help you around your school? Studying is crucial and good rest. Two things that are almost impossible to do in a car. It’s not impossible, but it is extremely difficult. Unless you’re doing this on purpose, I would say look into programs. One lesson I learned in my college years was that when people know you’re trying to better yourself, they are willing to help you. It’s the most amazing thing. Doesn’t matter who you are. They respect your efforts and are willing to help you achieve your goals anyway they can. YOu start to find that there are more good people in the world than you thought. If you’re without a home, call 2-1-1 in your area or do look into programs at your college. You have a scholarship, so the biggest challenge has been erased. Now you need to take care of yourself in the best way you can, even if that means getting a full-time job. I recommend getting a job as a graveyard shift security officer. I did that full time job while taking 16 units. It wasn’t easy but it was easier than many of my options. I had to do patrol rounds once an hour, but in between that, I was like I was getting paid to do my school work. You should make enough to comfortably live in a house or apartment. Please don’t do the car thing if you can avoid it. Good luck

  • Sometimes desperate times call you desperate measures.

  • good luck

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