ive lost the sims making magic serial number?

does anyone know it??

5 Answers

  • It’s different for everyone. If you registered your game go to the Official Sims 1 site. Enter your account and you’ll find a section where all your serial numbers are listed. If you didn’t register your game you’re out of luck.

  • Sims Makin Magic

  • https://shorturl.im/axyw1

    Google ‘lost sims 2 serial codes’ They should work no matter how many people have used it, just dont register with the sims 2 website – i doubt the codes valid on there. Good luck xx

  • Try VXCL-YUBR-M5QC–XTQH-CQ8G it worked for me when i didn’t get a case with my game

  • i know this is probably illeagal, but they are re-usable so you could use mine:

    BD66 TDJB 7663 X5U5 825X

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